Membership Rewards Calculator

Membership Rewards is the customer loyalty program of American Express, an international credit card company. You can collect Membership Rewards with most credit cards issued in Germany and these can be transferred to various partners. As the conditions differ from transfer partner to transfer partner, this free tool was developed. There are two options:

1. based on your Membership Rewards points, determine how many points you will receive from the respective transfer partners.
2. if you know how many points you need from the transfer partner, you can check how many Membership Rewards these are.

For each option, select the source in the dropdown and enter the points in the input field. Then click on calculate. The result can be shared via social media and e-mail. You can also generate the HTML code to embed it on websites. I would be happy to receive a reference, but this is not mandatory.


For example, if you have used Qatar's QCalculator to determine how many Avios you need for the flight from Frankfurt to Doha (86000 in Business, no peak season), first select Qatar in the dropdown and then enter 86000 in the input field. Then click on calculate. That's it!